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Electrician working on commercial electrical panelMost commercial business owners will often require minimizing the various commercial electrical hazards in the workplace. This is where commercial electricians from Larry’s Electric, Inc come in handy. These technicians assist business owners with keeping their businesses safe, as well as saving the business substantial amounts of money.

  • Ensuring energy efficient lighting: Commercial electricians can help in significantly cutting the costs of operating a business by offering a business owner more efficient methods of keeping their business lit. Most businesses require keeping the lights on during the day time, which can result in huge electric bills. However, the commercial electricians from Larry’s Electric, Inc provide business owners with cheaper alternatives that are designed to reduce the amount of energy used every day.
  • Ensuring safety in the work place: Most accidents occurring in the workplace can be avoided if the employees receive appropriate training pertaining to work equipment. This can only be achieved through hiring knowledgeable commercial electricians, who would provide the much needed training, ultimately reducing electrical dangers in the work environment. This is where the knowledgeable commercial electricians from Larry’s Electric, inc come in handy; they ensure that a business’s electrical equipment does not have damaged cords or even too much power.
  • They also ensure that the extension cords, cables and wiring are plugged into functioning circuit breakers, while checking to see that the major electrical components in a commercial building are serviced regularly to enhance safety and prolong their usable life. On the flip side, improper installation would increase the risk of electrical fires, property damage and injuries.
  • Equipment installation and maintenance: Commercial properties usually have numerous types of equipment and machines requiring some form of electrical installation, maintenance and repair. This will often require extensive knowledge in numerous codes and regulations that must be followed. Commercial electricians  from Larry’s Electric, Inc possess the relevant knowledge and skills required for such installations. These technicians are charged with installing and maintaining heavy-duty electrical motors, thus they are armed with in-depth knowledge and skills in configuring heavy equipment. For instance, the heating and air conditioning units in commercial establishments will require a competent electrician to effectively complete the wiring and the power components of the installation.
  • Reading blueprints: Most construction sites require seasoned expert to read and interpret the various commercial blueprints. The  commercial electricians from Larry’s Electric, Inc have an extensive understanding about where the electrical conduits and such other components as power boards and relays need to be laid. These technicians are capable of following blueprint instructions precisely, ensuring that the conduits and components can be found easily in future for the purpose of maintenance and upgrade.

The commercial electricians at Larry’s Electric, Inc. offer a wide variety of commercial Electricians services in the cities of Seattle, Bellevue, Auburn, Kirkland, Covington, Edgewood, Kent, Federal Way, Redmond, Renton, Seatac, University District, Tukwila, West Seattle and the surrounding areas. Such services include:

  • Changing and upgrading existing electrical systems
  • Installation of custom lighting and equipment rewiring.
  • preventive maintenance, repair and emergency.


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